NFL Week 5 Betting Guide

Six NFL Week 5 matches have over/under totals of 50 or more points (that includes Thursday’s matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots, which had a 50-point total), based on OddsShark.
Teams are averaging 24.2 points per match, which beats the previous high mark by six-tenths of a point. The explanations for the explosion comprise innovative offenses, an infusion of young quarterback ability and new offense-friendly rules.
From a gambling side, we are at the point where individual groups are meeting (or exceeding) over/under totals by themselves.
Last Sunday, the Chicago Bears scored 48 from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a game using a 46-point over/under. Later that afternoon, the Oakland Raiders tied their 45-point complete, and their competitor (that the Cleveland Browns) nearly did the same with 42.
We have to adjust to some new NFL (including this writer, who had the below on both games). What will we see as the 2018 season moves? Are there a 60-point over/under? Will 60 points fall alone? We’ll have a peek at a few over/unders to bet in this week’s betting guide, together with the typical selections against the spread, line-movement notes, the lock of the week and much more.

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